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    (Select the BEST answer.)

    1. Radiation at SRC is hazardous ionizing energy that is produced:

    a. when electrons are lost during injection
    b. when electrons are lost during beam dumping
    c. when electrons are lost during user beams
    d. all of the above

    2. True False As electrons orbit the ring, electrons are lost from interactions with stray gas molecules, ionized molecules (from previous electron-gas interactions), and from impacts with ring components. These interactions create the Bremsstruhlung (x-ray) radiation, and neutrons.

    3. True False Members of the general public receive a total dose of about 360 millirems per year from natural sources, medical tests, consumer products, etc.

    4. The rad rem is defined as the unit of radiation dose equivalence which is used to normalize the biological effectiveness of the various types of radiation.

    5. True False According to NRC and Wisconsin DHFS regulations, the whole body annual limit for radiation workers is 5000 mrems.

    6. What does the acronym ALARA stand for?


    7. True False Radiation workers at SRC typically receive a radiation dose equivalence of less than 25 mrems per year.

    8. True False Pregnant workers are not allowed in the SRC vault.

    9. True False Synchrotron radiation is only in the visible spectrum.

    10. True False Because large numbers of electrons are lost during injection, resulting in high radiation levels around the storage ring, all personnel shall evacuate from the vault during injection.

    11. True False Due to historically low levels of radiation present in the Aladdin vault and CNTech annex, SRC users are no longer required to wear radiation dosimeters.

    12. True False A charged particle under influence of a magnetic field produces synchrotron radiation.

    13. True False Strong magnetic fields can be present in the Aladdin vault with or without beam in the ring. These magnetic fields can cause pacemakers to malfunction.

    14. Receiving repeated, small increment dosages of radiation over a long period of time is classified as a(n) acute chronic exposure.

    15. True False An interlock is a circuit or device constructed and installed to prevent operation of a device while safeguards are not in place.

    16. True False Yellow-magenta colored chain or ribbon is used to indicate areas that may have radiation present and are therefore off limits.

    17. True False The entire Aladdin vault is a controlled area during injection.

    18. As part of the vault lockout/evacuation procedure prior to injection includes turning off the vault lights just before closing the last vault door. When the vault lights are turned off, emergency lights automatically illuminate above the red emergency stop buttons. If an individual becomes locked in the vault, they should depress one of the emergency stop buttons. The emergency lights and emergency stop buttons are located:

    a. in the main lobby
    b. along the outer walls of the vault
    c. in the experiment preparation area
    d. in the conference room

    19. Regarding radiation safety at SRC, it is your responsibility to:

    a. comply with all radiological safety rules and procedures
    b. never remove any shielding and interlock devices
    c. never enter exclusion zones
    d. exit the Aladdin vault promptly when the lockout sirens begin
    e. all of the above

    20. True False It is the SRC Management's responsibility to conduct monthly radiation surveys to ensure that the radiation exclusion zones are adequately defined.