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    Educating. Supporting. Illuminating.

    Note: Due to uncertainties in funding, the scope of E&O programs has been reduced. We are seeking funding that will allow us to once again form a partnership with our funding agencies, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Scientific Community of Lightsource users. This partnership will allow SRC to continue to accomplish its science education goals of Educating, Supporting, and Illuminating.

    Educating: Preparing Tomorrow's Scientists

    Each year, the SRC Education and Outreach group coordinates two important educational programs that both seek to encourage aspiring science students from traditionally underrepresented groups to learn about the science of synchrotron light and physics. Additionally, the group participates in a UW-Madison program for encouraging kids to consider careers in engineering.



    The Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) was initiated by University of Wisconsin-Madison and seeks to support and encourage minority middle school and high school students from Wisconsin in order to prepare them for future success as undergraduates. Read more about PEOPLE

    As part of the SRC Research Experiences for Undergraduates (SRC-REU) program each student spends ten weeks working closely with a UW-Madison researcher whose work utilizes the electron storage ring. Read more about the SRC-REU program

    SRC-URS program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to accompany their SRC User mentor to SRC during a quantum where they can take part in research unique to the SRC facility. Read more about SRC-URS. 


    Supporting: Encouraging Today's Teachers



    Developed at SRC, the SPECTRA program (Students Performing Experiments Collaboratively Through Remote Access) allows students to perform experiments remotely using the Grasshopper Mark V beamline at SRC via a website interface. To date, SPECTRA has been utilized by a range of users, including high school science teachers, and undergraduate instructors. Read more about SPECTRA

    As part of the RET program, teachers spend the summer working with research scientists and SRC staff using the synchrotron. The program provides an in-depth and intense experience for high school instructors who are interested in bringing research experience into their classrooms. Read more about the program here.


    Illuminating: Contributing to the Public's Understanding of Science

    Throughout the year SRC conducts tours and presentations for school groups and the public as well as opening up its doors for an Open House once every 18 months. The SRC E&O group also participates in various venues around the community.