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    Shuttle Service
    For SRC Affiliated Students and Beamline Users

    This program is only available to students and beamline users who have an affiliation with SRC.

    Shuttle Service Schedule

    The Shuttle service will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM by reservation only. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis with three service periods during the day, morning, afternoon, and evening. Shuttle departure during each service period* will be based on the first reservation called into the Shuttle Service Coordinator. There will be only one departure schedule in each service period. Reservations will only be taken between the hours of 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM no more than 2 work days (Monday thru Friday) prior to the date of service. If there are no reservations for service, a cab will not be dispatched for the scheduled service period. Service periods are currently as follows:

    Service Period* Times Departure Points
    Morning 8:00 AM — Noon Memorial and/or Engineering Hall and/or SRC
    Afternoon Noon — 4:30 PM Memorial and/or Engineering Hall and/or SRC
    Evening 4:30 PM — 9:00 PM Memorial and/or Engineering Hall and/or SRC

    Travel time between UW campus and SRC is approximately 1/2 hour. (If a Shuttle is requested for an 8:30 AM departure from SRC, by default it will leave the Madison campus by 8:00 AM).

    Shuttles will wait 5 minutes before making return trips.

    To Make A Reservation

    Shuttle reservations must be made directly with the SRC Shuttle Coordinator, (608) 877-2007. If the Coordinator is unavailable at the time of your call, you may leave your name and telephone number for them to call you back. Leaving a message, however, does not constitute a confirmed reservation.

    *If you make a reservation and your plans change, you must call to cancel the reservation as soon as possible but no later than an hour before your scheduled pick up time. Failure to notify the Coordinator of a cancelation ("No Show") may result in loss of access to this service.

    Shuttle Pick Up Point/Identification

    Until further notice, Madison Taxi Service will pick up at the following points:

    The driver will ask you to provide your name.

    The Shuttle will not have any SRC identification, so confirm with the driver that they are the shuttle vehicle going to the Synchrotron Radiation Center before taking the ride. You will be responsible for the fare if you ride in a cab other than the one scheduled by SRC.