2010 IR Workshop

Submitted Abstracts

Submitted abstracts are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the author who will be presenting the work (underlined). Click on a title to view the abstract (PDF format).


  1. K.M. Dorling, A. Sachdeva, A. Henderson, P.Bassan, M.D. Brown, J.H. Shanks, N.W. Clarke, and P. Gardner
    An Investigation of Spectral Pre-Processing of FTIR Images from Prostate Cancer Tissue

  2. A. Engdahl and P. Uvdal
    Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy at Beamline 73, MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden

  3. F. Farazkhorasani, M. Isenor, C. R. Liao, M. A. Prusinkiewicz, S. G. W. Kaminskyj, M. J. Nasse, C. Hirschmugl, and K. M. Gough
    FTIR, Raman, and SERS Imaging of Fungi

  4. C. M. Gohr, A. K. Rosenthal, and C. M. Hirschmugl
    Synchrotron FTIR Microspectroscopy of Pathologic Calcium-Containing Crystals in Articular Tissues

  5. M. Z. Kastyak-Ibrahim, M. J. Nasse, B. C. Albensi, M. del Bigio, C. Hirschmugl, and K. M. Gough
    High definition sFTIR imaging of tissue from Alzheimer disease mouse models

  6. C. Hughes, M. Liew, P. Bassan, P. Dumas, M. D. Brown, N. W. Clarke, and P. Gardner
    SR-FTIR Single Cell Characterisation of Renal Carcinoma 'Stem Cells'

  7. E.C. Mattson, S. Cui, G.H. Lu, M. J. Nasse, J.H. Chen, M. Gajdardziska-Josifovska, and C.J. Hirschmugl
    In Situ Studies of Carbon-based Gas Nanosensors

  8. M. J. Nasse, E. C. Mattson, and C. J. Hirschmugl
    Multi-beam Synchrotron Infrared Chemical Imaging with High Spatial Resolution (IRENI): Assessing Performance

  9. C. R. Liao, J. Sorensen, M. D. Piercey-Normore, and K. M. Gough
    First in Situ Imaging of Usnic Acid in Cladonia (Lichen) by Vibrational Spectromicroscopy

  10. C. Patterson, H. Khanjian, and K. Trentelman
    Use of FTIR Spectroscopy and FTIR Imaging in Cultural Heritage Research