2012 SRC Users' Meeting Submitted Abstracts

Submitted abstracts are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the author who will be presenting the work (underlined) or by the first author if no presenter was indicated. Click on a title to view the abstract (PDF format).

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1.  Ebrahim Aboualizadeh, M. Unger, M.J. Nasse, Simona Ratti, Camilla Olivieri, Mario Giordano, and C.J. Hirschmugl

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrochemical Imaging for Algal Cells in Aqueous Environment


2.  Sara Belchik, Miriam Unger, Carol Hirschmugl, Leo Kucek, Eric Hill, Crystal Silvia, Alice Dohnalkova, and Matthew Marshall

An Infrared Chemical Analysis of Shewanella Biofilms Under Metal-Reducing Environments


3.  Zahrasadat Alavi , Eric Mattson , Miriam Unger , Roshan D’souza , Carol Hirschmugl

GPU-Based Deconvolution Codes for IRENI Data


4.  J.C. Campuzano, U. Chatterjee, D. Ai, J. Zhao, D. Hinks, H. Zheng, S. Rosenkranz, H.Claus, M. Norman, G.Guc and M.Randeriad
Universal and Material-Specific Properties of the Copper Oxide Superconductors


5.  Yue Cao, Qiang Wang, Justin Waugh, S. R. Park and Dan Dessau

Effective Hole Doping in a Spin-Orbit Induced Mott Insulator


6.  C. Clemons, J. Sedlmair, B. Illman, R. Ibach, C. Hirschmugl

Imaging Component Distribution in Nanocellulose Composites


7.  Cherice M. Evans

Electron Energetics in Near Critical Point Fluids


8.  Yevgeniy Lushtak, Cherice M. Evans, and Gary L. Findley

Quasi-Free Electron Energy in Near Critical Point Helium and Nitrogen


9.  Dan Fischer

NIST Advanced Capabilities for Synchrotron Measurement Science and Technology at NSLS (I/II)


10.  K. M. Gough, C. Liao, J. Brown, Y. Chen, M. Rak, M. Unger, C. J. Hirschmugl, B. C. Albensi, and J. Morrison
Spectrochemical Analysis of Biological Samples with IRENI


11.  Tim Hartman, Narayana Appathurai, and Ralf Wehlitz
Double Photoionization of Coronene and Corannulene


12.  Tim Hartman, Kelly Collins, Bethany Reilly, Narayana Appathurai, and Ralf Wehlitz
Large Molecules Reveal a Linear Length-Scaling for Double Photoionization


13.  F. J. Himpsel
Using Spectroscopy to Design New Types of Solar Cells


14.  Carol Hirschmugl

IRENI: Latest Results and Future Directions


15.  K-W Hsu, F.A. Choudhury, H. Ren, B. H. Moon, A.G. Olson, Y-M Sung, Y. Nishi, and J.L. Shohet
Using Capillary Array Windows to Minimize Charged Particle Bombardment Effects During Plasma Processing of Dielectrics


16.  Rebecca E. Ibach, Julia Sedlmair, Barbara Illman, Carol Hirschmugl
Imaging Chemically Modified Wood by IRENI-FTIR


17.  Barbara Illman, Julia Sedlmair, Carol Hirschmugl

Nanocellulose Materials Project at the Synchrotron Radiation Center


18.  Joseph E. Jakes, Julia Sedlmair, Chris G. Hunt, Warren Grigsby, Carol Hirschmugl, Barbara Illman, Chuck Frihart

IRENI-FTIR Chemical Imaging of Wood Cell Walls Infiltrated with Phenol Formaldehyde Adhesive


19.  Phillip S. Johnson, Peter L. Cook, Ioannis Zegkinogloua, Juan María García-Lastra, Angel Rubio, Rose E. Ruther, Robert J. Hamers, and F. J. Himpsel
Electronic Structure of Ru- vs. Fe-Based Dye Molecules


20.  Phillip S. Johnson, Peter L. Cook, Xiaosong Liu, Wanli Yang, Yiqun Bai, Nicholas L. Abbott, and F. J. Himpsel
Universal Photodissociation Process for Amides, Imides, and Amino Acids


21.  J.J. Joyce, T. Durakiewicz, K.S. Graham and M.F. Beaux
Strongly Correlated 5f Materials and Photoemission


22.  Catherine Liao, Jillian Lund, Margaret Rak, Miriam Unger, Carol Hirschmugl, Benedict Albensi, and Kathleen Gough
Spectrochemical Imaging at the Infrared Diffraction Limit Reveals Similarities in Brain Tissue from Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer Disease


23.  Yang Liu, G. Bian, T. Miller, M. Bissen, and T.-C. Chiang
Topological Limit of Ultrathin Quasi-freestanding Bi2Te3 Films Grown on Si(111)


24.  Yevgeniy Lushtak
Energy of the Quasi-Free Electron in Repulsive Fluids


25.  Timothy W. Marin and Ireneusz Janik

Insights into the Structure of Water Under Sub- and Supercritical Conditions


26.  Michael C. Martin, Charlotte Dabat-Blondeau, Miriam Unger, Julia Sedlmair, Dula Parkinson, Hans A. Bechtel, Barbara Illman, Jonathan Castro, Marco Keiluweit, and Carol Hirschmugl
Three Dimensional Spectral Imaging with Synchrotron FTIR Microtomography


27.  E.C. Mattson, K. Pande, S.M. Cui, M. Unger, H.H. Pu, M.A. Schofield, M. Gajdardziska-Josifovska1, M. Weinert, J.H. Chen, and C.J. Hirschmugl
Molecular Adsorption Dynamics on Graphene-based Hybrid Nanomaterials


28.  E.C. Mattson, M.J. Nasse, M. Rak, K.M. Gough, and C.J. Hirschmugl
Restoration and Spectral Recovery of Mid-infrared Chemical Images


29.  Rebecca Metzler
CaCO3 Polarization Dependence at the O K-edge and Ca L-edge


30.  H. Miao, M. Wang, Pengcheng. Dai, and H. Ding

Effect of Li-deficiency Impurities on the Electron-Overdoped LiFeAs Superconductor


31.  David R. Mullins
Unraveling Complex Surface Reaction Pathways Using Soft X-ray


32.  M. T. Nichols, K. Mavrikakis, Q. Lin, J. L. Shohet

The Effects of Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation and Plasma Exposure on Photopatternable Low-k Dielectric Materials


33.  T. Qian, H. Miao, P. Zhang, and H. Ding
Changes of Electronic Structures Across the Structural Phase Transition in IrTe2


34.  Kurt Roggensack and Carol Hirschmugl

High-Resolution FTIR Analysis of Olivine Melt Inclusions


35.  J. Sedlmair, C. Clemons, R. Ibach, C. Hirschmugl, and B. Illman
FTIR as a Tool to Study Nanocellulose Composites


36.  J. Sedlmair, B. Illman, M. Unger, and C. Hirschmugl
IRENI Knocks on Wood


37.  J. Sedlmair, M. Unger, C. Crooks, C. Hirschmugl, and B. Illman
IRENI Shedding Light on Bioplastics


38.  H. Sinha and J. L. Shohet
Charging Response of Back-End-Of-The-Line Capping Dielectrics to VUV Radiation


39.  Vikas Singh, Carol Hirschmugl, George Phillips, Barbara Illman, and John Ralph
Multichannel Image Segmentation and its Application to the Analysis of
IRENI Images


40.  Nick Stone, Marleen Kerssens, Martina Sattlecker, Rebecca Baker, Pavel Matousek, Keith Rogers

Utilisation of FTIR Imaging for Study of Human Breast Calcifications


41.  Karissa Tilbury, Miriam Unger, Paul Campagnola, Carol Hirschmugl

Ovarian Cancer and the IRENI


42.  M. Unger, S. Clède, C. Policar and C. Hirschmugl

High Definition and Rapid Cellular Detection of a Metal-Carbonyl Marker Studied by Synchrotron Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy


43.  M. Unger and C. Hirschmugl

Characterization of Phase Separation in Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/Poly Lactic Acid Blends by Synchrotron-Based FT-IR Imaging Spectroscopy


44.  M. Unger, E. Gracheva, D. Julius and C. Hirschmugl

Synchrotron-based Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging of the Boa Pit Organ


45.  M. Unger, C. von Neubeck, M. Sowa and C. Hirschmugl

Spatially Resolved Synchrotron-based Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy of Ionizing Radiation Induced in Human Skin


46.  Tim Hartman, Kelly Collins, Bethany Reilly, Emily Makoutz, Narayana Appathurai, Scott Whitfield, and Ralf Wehlitz
Formation of Two-Electron Pseudo-Particles in Acenes


47.  Jiaxin Yin, Shuheng Pan, Hong Ding
Observation of Orbital Dependent Nodeless Superconducting Gaps in Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 Via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Angle Resolved Photoemission