Poster Session

  • 9/13/11 Update: Schedules for the Friday & Saturday poster sessions have been compiled. Click here to view a PDF.


Posters will be displayed in the SRC vault during one of the two poster sessions. For each session, a best poster will be selected by a committee.

All participants who have submitted abstracts are encouraged to present a poster. You must submit an abstract to present a poster.

If you are unable to be present at the poster session, please designate a representative.


Dimensions for posters are 46.5" by 34.5". Please let the organizers know if you will be bringing a poster in "portrait" or "landscape" format . Push pins or velcro to attach the posters onto the boards will be provided. The title of a poster should be at least 30mm (2.2") high and should include the authors' names and their affiliation.

Printing your poster

SRC will print your poster if it is sent as an electronic file (PDF preferred) to Chris Moore ( by September 9, 2011.