2009 SRC Users' Meeting Submitted Abstracts

Submitted abstracts are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the author who will be presenting the work. Click on a title to view the abstract (PDF format).

  1. M. Allen, M. Fisher, T. Grimm, A. Hjortland, K. Kleman, and R. Legg
    Development Of a 200 MHz Superconducting RF Electron Gun

  2. T. Arakane, T. Sato, P. Richard, T. Takahashi, T. Fujii, and A. Asamitsu
    Evidence for a Transition of Fermi-Surface Topology in Highly Doped NaxCoO2

  3. D. E. Aspnes
    Reflections in semiconductor samples: modulation spectroscopy and high-precision reflectance measurements with synchrotron radiation

  4. Rohit Bhargava
    Rigorous Optical Theory and Modeling for New Opportunities in Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging using Bright Sources

  5. G. Bian, T. Miller, and T.-C. Chiang
    Metastability of Bi Films Mediated by Surface Kinetics

  6. M. K. Brinkley, Y. Liu, N. J. Speer, T. J. Miller, and T.-C. Chiang
    Utilizing Electronic Coherence to Probe a Deeply Embedded Quantum Well in Bimetallic Pb/Ag Films on Si(111)

  7. B. I. Cameron, S. R. Krans, T. L. Gerard, and C. Hirschmugl
    Volatile Contents of Volcanic Glass Using Synchrotron FTIR Spectromicroscopy: Important Depth Constraints on Magmatic Processes

  8. F. Chen, C. Euaruksakul, F. Himpsel, and M. Lagally
    XAS: an Effective Tool to Study the Change of Silicon Conduction Band Structure under the Influence of Strain and Quantum Confinement

  9. Richard Cole, Chris Moore, and Dan Wallace
    Incorporating SPECTRA into an Advanced High-School Science Curriculum

  10. Peter L. Cook, Xiaosong Liu, Wanli Yang, and F.J. Himpsel
    NEXAFS Spectroscopy of Biomimetic Dye Molecules for Solar Cells

  11. Peter L. Cook, Phillip S. Johnson, Xiaosong Liu, An-Li Chin, and F.J. Himpsel
    Radiation Damage in Biomimetic Dye Molecules for Solar Cells

  12. T. Durakiewicz and J.J. Joyce
    Sailing the Dirac Sea with Cliff

  13. Isabella Gierz, Christian R. Ast, and Klaus Kern
    Decoupling epitaxial graphene by Au intercalation

  14. Bruce Harmon, Y. Lee, and A. I. Goldman
    Rare Earths and Synchrotrons: A theorist's personal journey

  15. Richard C. Hatch, David L. Huber, and Hartmut Höchst
    Electron-phonon coupling in crystalline Pentacene films

  16. Ming-Tie Huang, Ralf Wehlitz, and Matthew Heggan
    Resonant photoionizations of Laser Excited Lithium at 1s22p State

  17. Philip S. Johnson, Peter L. Cook, and F. J. Himpsel
    Breaking the peptide bond by radiation: Photochemistry at the N atom

  18. J. Joyce, T. Durakiewicz, and K. Graham
    Exploring 4f Photoemission with the Master

  19. Kimberly R. Kuhlman, Mike Abrecht, and PUPA Gilbert
    Oxidation State of Manganese in Rock Varnish

  20. J. L. Lauer, A. Antonelli, Y. Nishi, and J. L. Shohet
    Charge Trapping within UV and VUV Irradiated low-k porous-SiOCH

  21. Y.Liu, T. Miller and T.-C. Chiang
    Coherent Electronic Grating Cavity Modes in Corrugated Ultrathin Metal Films

  22. David W. Lynch
    The Early Days of ARPES in Cuprates

  23. Timothy W. Marin, Ireneusz Yanik, and David M. Bartels
    Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Sub- and Supercritical Water

  24. Rosa Martínez-García, Camilla Olivieri, and Carol Hirschmugl
    Determination of resource allocation of Thalassiossira weissflogii using FTIR microspectroscopy

  25. E. Mattson, M. J. Nasse, M. Walsh, R. Bhargava, B. Cameron, and C. Hirschmugl
    Point Spread Function characterization and deconvolution of IRENI data

  26. Rebecca A. Metzler
    Lamellar Self-Assembly and Crystal Polymorph Selection by a Single Protein Fragment

  27. Ph. Michallon, C. Constancias, B. Dalzotto, J. Wallace, and M. Saib
    High efficiency gratings for EUV applications. Results obtained in synchrotron print tests.

  28. T. Miller
    Progress Towards a Microfocus Beamline for Angle-Resolved Photoemission at the SRC

  29. Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn

    Coherent X-rays From Ultrafast Lasers and Applications - Attosecond Science
    Meets Nonlinear Optics

  30. M. J. Nasse, E. Mattson, R. Reininger, T. Kubala, S. Janowski, and C. Hirschmugl
    IRENI - First results from Infrared Environmental Imaging

  31. M. Neupane, P. Richard, K. Nakayama, T. Sato, Y. –M. Xu, J. H. Bowen, G. F. Chen, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang, T. Takahashi, Z. Wang, and H. Ding
    ARPES study of parent compound of pnictides

  32. M. Neupane, P. Richard, Z. –H. Pan, Y. –M Xu, R. Jin, D. Mandrus, X. Dai, Z. Fang, Z. Wang, and H. Ding
    Observation of a novel orbital selective Mott transition in Ca1.8Sr0.2RuO4

  33. Camilla Olivieri, Michael Nasse, Simona Ratti, Carol Hirschmugl

    The New IRENI Beamline and the Flow Cell: Detecting Microalgae Macromolecular Changes

  34. M. Ormaza, M. Corso, L. Fernández, F. Schiller, and J. E. Ortega
    Two-dimensional bands of rare earth/gold surface alloys measured with ARPES

  35. J. E. Ortega, M. Corso, and F. Schiller
    Shockley states in vicinal noble metal surfaces investigated with curved crystals and ARPES

  36. Theresa Phillips, Carol Hirschmugl, Michael Nasse, Barry Cameron
    Analysis of Melt Inclusions in Olivine Crystals Using
    FTIR Spectromicroscopy

  37. Clark Ritz, Narayan Appathurai, Anna Clausen, Tara Thieme, Rebecca Metzler, Pupa Gilbert, and Max Lagally
    X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) with high spatial resolution achieved with x ray photoemission electron microscopy (X-PEEM)

  38. Casey Sanchez
    Charge-Injection Barrier Formation in Pentacene/Inorganic Interfaces

  39. M. Severson, M. Bissen, M.V. Fisher, G. Rogers, R. Reininger, M. Green, and B. Tredinnick
    Commissioning of the New U9 Varied Line Spacing Plane Grating Monochromator

  40. N. Shelat, M. J. Nasse, E. Mattson, and C. Hirschmugl
    IRENI – Multi-beam feedback system

  41. Xianbo Shi, Luxi Li, Gina Moriarty, Cherice M. Evans, and Gary L. Findley
    Energy of the Quasi-Free Electron in Atomic and Molecular Fluids

  42. H. Sinha, M.T. Nichols, J.L. Lauer, A. Antonelli, Y. Nishi, and J.L. Shohet
    Effect of VUV & UV irradiation on CV characteristics of low-k dielectrics

  43. Patricia Ann Snyder, Clifford Sanders, Paul M. Snyder, and Roger W.C. Hansen
    The Power of Vacuum Ultraviolet Magnetic Circular Dichroism Measurements with Synchrotron Radiation to Unravel Electronic Structure. 1,1-Dimethylethylene.

  44. D. B. Straight, J.L. Lauer, H. Sinha, S.U. Engelmann, Y. Zhang, N.C. Fuller, and J.L. Shohet
    Measurement of the Indices of Refraction and Extinction Coefficients of Thin-Film Dielectric Materials in the VUV Range

  45. J. Terry, H. Ganegoda, B. Ma, D. Olive, and Y. Trenikhina
    Electronic Structure of PLZT Thin Films

  46. J. G. Tobin, C. G. Olson, C. Gu, J. Z. Liu, F. R. Solal, M. J. Fluss, R. H. Howell, J. C. O’Brien, H. B. Radousky, and P. A. Sterne
    Valence bands and Fermi-surface topology of untwinned single-crystal YBa2Cu3O6.9

  47. E. Verbeten, J. Morgan, E. Olson, C. Moore, and R. Staley
    From Tantlus to Today: The History of the Synchrotron Radiation Center

  48. Disa Walden, Ken Jacobs, and Joe Bisognano
    Connecting the Dots: Exploring Wisconsin Free Electron Laser’s (WiFEL) Beamline 2 over its Full Energy Range

  49. Pavle Jurani, Dragan Lukic, and Ralf Wehlitz
    Double Photoionization of Mg and the Scaling Model

  50. Ralf Wehlitz, Kelly Collins, Bethany Reilly, Marie Young, Tim Hartman, Pavle Juranic, and Narayan Appathurai
    Double Photoionization of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

  51. S. B. Whitfield and R. Wehlitz
    Valence Photoionization of Atomic Ba in the Region of the 4d → 6p Resonances

  52. David Wieliczka
    Applied Surface Science: The Transition from Academia to Industry

  53. K. Williams, J. Shohet, J. Lauer, and H. Sinha
    VUV Exposure of Dielectric-Coated Silicon Wafers to Reduce Plasma Damage and to Measure Complex Permittivities