Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation Conference

August 22-24 2001 - Madison, Wisconsin

Author Guidelines

This page contains information about proceedings and posters.

NEW!  Added 8/14/01  Attention All Authors!


     The Proceedings of SRI 2001 will be published as a special issue of the Review of Scientific Instruments (RSI). Authors must submit two double-spaced printed copies of their paper to the Editorial Office on the first day of the Conference. Manuscripts may be accepted later during the Conference at the discretion of the editors but no manuscript will be accepted after the Conference ends.

     Manuscripts may be submitted later through the normal process for inclusion in a regular issue of RSI. All papers must pass through a refereeing process equivalent to the normal standard of RSI, this will be carried out during the Conference as far as is practical. The standard AIP Transfer of Copyright form must be completed for each paper.

     Each contributed paper is allotted up to three pages formatted for RSI. This length requirement is often the source of editorial difficulty, and authors are strongly encouraged to calculate length precisely. Each registrant will receive a copy of the printed Proceedings, additional copies, and reprints can be purchased from the Publishers.

     Information about the preparation of manuscripts may be found at: and further information about RSI is available from links on that page.


Posters can be no larger than 6 feet wide by 4 feet high.  Remember that posters are to be viewed from 3-4 feet away so please size text and graphics accordingly.  We will provide what is necessary to put up the posters.

For information on facility papers and accompanying posters please see the overview.

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